The NHL is back: See Stanley Cup futures, playoff and point total odds

FILE - Colorado Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic looks at the Stanley Cup during a rally for the NHL hockey champions, Thursday, June 30, 2022, in Denver. Joe Sakic adopted a very practical approach to the task of molding the Colorado Avalanche roster that will attempt to repeat as Stanley Cup champions. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey, File)

October is a sports fan’s Christmas morning. It features the MLB playoffs, NFL and NCAA regular seasons, NBA tip-off — and the return of the NHL, which after two games overseas began its full schedule Tuesday night.

The Colorado Avalanche have had a few months to enjoy an entire offseason as champions. Now, it’s officially time to begin the pursuit of the 2023 Stanley Cup.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting betting lines for the upcoming NHL season. Caesars Sportsbook has all of the odds for the 2023 campaign, including Stanley Cup futures, as well as playoff and point total odds.

Stanley Cup futures

It should come as no surprise that Colorado (+400) is the overwhelming favorite to repeat as Stanley Cup champion. The Avs aren’t building for the future; they’re ready to win right now, and oddsmakers favor them to do just that.

The Toronto Maple Leafs (+900) — who had a disappointing playoff run last season — have the second-best odds to take home the Stanley Cup. Coming in right behind Toronto at +1000 odds are two of the best regular-season teams from 2022, the Carolina Hurricanes and Eastern Conference finalists, the New York Rangers.

The Stanley Cup runner-up last season, the Tampa Bay Lightning, has the fifth-best odds (+1200) to lift the cup for the third time in four years. Here are the complete 2023 Stanley Cup odds at Caesars Sportsbook:

Colorado Avalanche (+400)

Toronto Maple Leafs (+900)

Carolina Hurricanes (+1000)

New York Rangers (+1000)

Tampa Bay Lightning (+1200)

Edmonton Oilers (+1200)

Calgary Flames (+1500)

Florida Panthers (+1500)

Vegas Golden Knights (+2000)

St. Louis Blues (+2000)

Minnesota Wild (+2200)

New York Islanders (+2500)

Los Angeles Kings (+2500)

Boston Bruins (+3000)

Pittsburgh Penguins (+3000)

Washington Capitals (+4000)

Dallas Stars (+4500)

New Jersey Devils (+5000)

Detroit Red Wings (+5000)

Nashville Predators (+5000)

Columbus Blue Jackets (+6000)

Vancouver Canucks (+6000)

Buffalo Sabres (+6500)

Ottawa Senators (+7500)

Winnipeg Jets (+8000)

San Jose Sharks (+10000)

Anaheim Ducks (+12500)

Montreal Canadians (+15000)

Seattle Kraken (+15000)

Philadelphia Flyers (+20000)

Chicago Blackhawks (+30000)

Arizona Coyotes (+50000)

Playoff odds

In the Eastern Conference, the Maple Leafs (+190) and Hurricanes (+200) are the favorites to win the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions. Last year’s Atlantic Division winners, the Florida Panthers, are right behind Toronto at +250. Carolina won the Metropolitan Division in 2022.

In the Western Conference, the Avs are the runaway favorites in the Central Division at -160. Colorado is the only predicted division winner that doesn’t come with plus juice. The favorite to win the Pacific Division is the 2022 runner-up Edmonton Oilers at +210, followed by the defending division champion Calgary Flames (+260).

Here are all of the odds to make the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Caesars Sportsbook:

Anaheim Ducks (Y: +475 | N: -700)

Arizona Coyotes (Y: +2000 | N: -6000)

Boston Bruins (Y: -170 | N: +140)

Buffalo Sabres (Y: +475 | N: -700)

Calgary Flames (Y: -500 | N: +375)

Carolina Hurricanes (Y: -700 | N: +475)

Chicago Blackhawks (Y: +1400 | N: -4000)

Colorado Avalanche (Y: -3000 | N: +1200)

Columbus Blue Jackets (Y: +475 | N: -700)

Dallas Stars (Y: -160 | N: +130)

Detroit Red Wings (Y: +300 | N: -400)

Edmonton Oilers (Y: -700 | N: +475)

Florida Panthers (Y: -1110 | N: +650)

Los Angeles Kings (Y: -170 | N: +140)

Minnesota Wild (Y: -400 | N: +300)

Montreal Canadians (Y: +1200 | N: -3000)

Nashville Predators (Y: -180 | N: +150)

New Jersey Devils (Y: +155 | N: -190)

New York Islanders (Y: -130 | N: +100)

New York Rangers (Y: -340 | N: +260)

Ottawa Senators (Y: +210 | N: -260)

Philadelphia Flyers (Y: +575 | N: -900)

Pittsburgh Penguins (Y: -400 | N: +300)

San Jose Sharks (Y: +850 | N: -1600)

Seattle Kraken (Y: +350 | N: -500)

St. Louis Blues (Y: -210 | N: +170)

Tampa Bay Lightning (Y: -1000 | N: +625)

Toronto Maple Leafs (Y: -1200 | N: +700)

Vancouver Canucks (Y: -130 | N: +100)

Vegas Golden Knights (Y: -260 | N: +210)

Washington Capitals (Y: -170 | N: +140)

Winnipeg Jets (Y: +155 | N: -190)

Point total odds

Here are all of the 2023 NHL regular season over/unders for point totals at Caesars Sportsbook:

Anaheim Ducks (O/U: 80)

Arizona Coyotes (O/U: 63.5)

Boston Bruins (O/U: 97)

Buffalo Sabres (O/U: 79)

Calgary Flames (O/U: 103)

Carolina Hurricanes (O/U: 103.5)

Chicago Blackhawks (O/U: 65.5)

Colorado Avalanche (O/U: 112.5)

Columbus Blue Jackets (O/U: 81.5)

Dallas Stars (O/U: 93.5)

Detroit Red Wings (O/U: 83.5)

Edmonton Oilers (O/U: 103.5)

Florida Panthers (O/U: 106.5)

Los Angeles Kings (O/U: 94.5)

Minnesota Wild (O/U: 102.5)

Montreal Canadians (O/U: 71.5)

Nashville Predators (O/U: 98.5)

New Jersey Devils (O/U: 89.5)

New York Islanders (O/U: 90.5)

New York Rangers (O/U: 100)

Ottawa Senators (O/U: 84.5)

Philadelphia Flyers (O/U: 73.5)

Pittsburgh Penguins (O/U: 100.5)

San Jose Sharks (O/U: 72)

Seattle Kraken (O/U: 79.5)

St. Louis Blues (O/U: 94.5)

Tampa Bay Lightning (O/U: 104.5)

Toronto Maple Leafs (O/U: 107.5)

Vancouver Canucks (O/U: 92.5)

Vegas Golden Knights (O/U: 96.5)

Washington Capitals (O/U: 96.5)

Winnipeg Jets (O/U: 88.5)


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